Our Story

Steve & Andi Rosenstein had an eye for uncomplicated, comfortable lifestyle clothing before there was an official classification for it. Channeling their appreciation for authenticity, they pioneered a fresh fashion category with the launch of their original iconic brand, Fitigues clothing company, in the '80s, which was quickly dubbed "luxury casual." With a passion for comfort & style and an appreciation for things loved over time, the Rosenstein family continues to create clothes they love to live in through their newest brand, R&R Surplus. 

Four decades later, Andi still designs every stitch of the women's collections, and Luke (Steve & Andi's son and former Fitigues baby model) threads together the men's line. The fabrics, designs, attention to detail combined with the right blend of ultimate comfort & unique styling make this a lifestyle brand "for the best parts of the day".

We photographed the latest collection at our summer home, our family's favorite place for a bit of R&R, and where our inspiration begins.

Please enjoy the simplicity & beauty that surrounds it and think of us as you indulge in your R&R!