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Steve & Andi Rosenstein had an eye for uncomplicated, comfortable lifestyle clothing before there was an official classification for it. Channeling their appreciation for authenticity, they pioneered a fresh fashion category with the launch of their original iconic brand, Fitigues clothing company, in the '80s, which was quickly dubbed "luxury casual." With a passion for comfort & style and an appreciation for things loved over time, the Rosenstein family continues to create clothes they love to live in through their newest brand, R&R Surplus.

Four decades later, Andi still designs every stitch of the women's collections, and Luke (Steve & Andi's son and former Fitigues baby model) threads together the men's line. The fabrics, designs, attention to detail combined with the right blend of ultimate comfort & unique styling make this a lifestyle brand "for the best parts of the day".

We photographed the latest collection at our summer home, our family's favorite place for a bit of R&R, and where our inspiration begins.

Please enjoy the simplicity & beauty that surrounds it and think of us as you indulge in your R&R!

Personalize your shopping experience

Meet Bianca, our seasoned personal shopper, and a devoted advocate of our brand since the 90s. With a deep-rooted connection to our relaxed, vintage-inspired style, Bianca embodies the essence of our brand's evolution. From her early days in baby Fitigues clothes to becoming a beacon of our unique edge, Bianca's unwavering passion and keen fashion sense make her your ultimate guide to effortless style with a hint of coolness.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
In the 1990’s I discovered the wonderful lifestyle brand, “Fitigues,’ and their stylish, comfortable, casual, luscious clothing. I turned my East & West Coast friends and relatives on to the brand, and they were hooked! Enter 2019 and R&R Surplus is born! Another lifestyle brand created by the Rosenstein’s, and true to the cozy, comfortable, luxury fabrics like the famous Fitigues Brand. The flattering fit combined with the sumptuous fabrics is quite the beautiful experience! Edgier with a vintage vibe, luxury, and comfort, R&R is clearly the lifestyle brand for "workin out, hangin’ out, and goin’ out!” AND once again this girl is hooked!!!
— Lori Berkman
Customer reviews
I’m constantly looking for clothes that help take the edge off and put me in a better place when I put them on. That’s what R&R does. I’ve checked out a lot of clothes in this space I have never encountered anything like R&R. There’s something different, almost magical, about R&R. It’s more than just comfort – although it’s all comfortable. There’s a softness, a gentleness to their stuff that makes putting it on an immediate mood lift. Their sweatshirts are buttery soft, the cut is slim and relaxed at the same time, and they look good with just about everything. The henleys, t-shirts, blazers—all if it has this awesome chill comfy look and vibe. Eventually, I started feeling selfish buying R&R just for myself, so I started giving R&R clothes as gifts to my favorite people. The best part is getting the call after they try it in for the first time — “This is amazing! Where did you find it?” It’s a hit every time.
— Matthew Umhofer
Customer reviews
I have been a dedicated fan of this clothing line for years (when it was Fitigues). Not only are their clothes incredibly comfortable, but they are also stylish and well made. I STILL have some of my original Fitigues. As an unofficial ambassador of R and R Surplus I proudly endorse their brand. I’m a forever super fan!
— Deanna
Customer reviews
R&R Surplus is my absolute favorite brand of clothes. I wear their clothes for working out, lounging around, all airport travel, and going out in jeans or jeans shorts. The clothes are incredibly soft and have unique designs with hems, string ties, waffle print and other fun features. I have long arms so I love that the hoodies and long sleeved shirts are long and can cover my hands if I want. I’ve been buying R&R for 8 years now and I wash them all the time, and you literally can not tell. The color and shape hold up with wear and washing. I never write reviews but I can honestly say this is the cutest, softest brand of casual clothing and I get compliments from people all the time about how cool the designs are. You’ll love it too! 😀
— Liza
Customer reviews
When I was pregnant I discovered Fitigues and fell in love with them. I had a small budget at the time so I bought one cool tunic top and pants that I wore all thru my pregnancy and thru 20 years of raising kids… till the softness turned to being threadbare…it was a timeless outfit. In about 2013 I walked into a small shop in Geneva IL and found the brand on the racks again. It was the same welcoming cozy brand but a new name, R&R surplus. I also found them online. I continued to order with Laura over the years. I then was diagnosed with cancer. My life had a new priority. I’m grateful for Laura who was and is always ready and willing to help me. Sending me photos of outfits and cool new items. Looking back I have always chosen this brand for how comfortable and cozy the outfits are. The style was always an added plus. Wearing them now for my IV treatments is like wearing a warm hug while I continue on this journey of life.
— Susan

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