From the Family Behind FITIGUES

Steve & Andi had an eye for uncomplicated clothing before there was an official classification for it. Channeling their appreciation for authenticity, they pioneered a fresh fashion category with the launch of their original iconic brand, Fitigues clothing company, in 1988, which was quickly dubbed “luxury casual.” With a passion for comfort & style and an appreciation for things that have been loved over time, the Rosenstein family continues to create clothes they love to live in!

Andi still designs every stitch of the women’s collection, and Luke (Steve and Andi’s son and former Fitigues baby model) threads together the men’s line. They work together to select cozy, comfortable luxury fabrics, and create unique gym inspired designs “ for the best parts of the day!”

Designing our way through peaks and valleys, we’ve learned that entrepreneurship is a wild ride. But it’s our passion for making people feel at home that still inspires us!
Rooted in Americana style and a love for timeless gym inspired & vintage military pieces , R&R Surplus embodies the warmth and integrity of our journey.

Get Comfortable with us!

Photo on left, Luke in baby fitigues circa 1999

Meet Luke

The embodiment of comfort and style from a young age. Growing up, he rocked Fitigues every day, embracing the brand's vibe of easy fashion and unbeatable comfort. From a baby to an 8-year-old model, Luke flaunted Fitigues' timeless appeal, setting the stage for his journey into design.

With a natural sense of style and an eye for fashion, Luke favored unique clothes that looked good and felt amazing. Comfort always came first, shaping his wardrobe with pieces that blended style and coziness.

Today, as part of R&R Surplus's design team, Luke keeps the family legacy alive. Drawing from his own style and deep understanding of comfort, he helps create pieces that effortlessly blend style and comfort. Luke's journey speaks to R&R Surplus's commitment to authenticity, innovation, and casual luxury.

Photo on left, Bianca in baby fitigues circa 1999

Meet Bianca

Our seasoned personal stylist, up-and-coming designer, and a true champion of the brand since the '90s. With a deep-rooted connection to our laid-back, vintage-inspired vibe, Bianca embodies the essence of R&R Surplus. From her early days rocking baby Fitigues to her current role as a cornerstone of our brand, Bianca's passion and creativity make her the quintessential curator of effortless style with an irresistible coolness.

Her authentic passion for our brand's stories and dedication to quality ensure that every shopping experience is tailored with genuine care and attention to detail.

Bianca's bond with Luke (our talented men's designer) adds a beautiful dimension to R&R. Their story began seven years ago when Bianca discovered R&R surplus clothing, instantly captivated by the unique pieces and the man behind them. Their relationship symbolizes the values we hold dear - authenticity, connection, passion, and a shared devotion to craftsmanship. It showcases the real connections we nurture, both with our customers and our brand...the fabric of our identity.