At R&R Surplus, we’re all about comfort, style, and quality. But our journey didn’t start there—it began back in 1988 with a simple idea and a lot of passion. This is the story of how we evolved from Fitigues into R&R Surplus, and how our commitment to quality and comfort has stayed constant through it all.

The Birth of Fitigues (1988)
When Andi and Steve Rosenstein launched Fitigues in '88, they had a vision for creating uncomplicated, comfortable luxury. They started with their meager savings, a passion for cozy clothing, and an eye for style. Their first collection of men’s and women’s casual separates was a hit, pulling in $1 million in orders from major retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Marshall Field’s, and Macy’s. Fitigues was born from their love of comfortable clothes, and the name was a playful nod to both military fatigues and fitness.

Growing the Brand
Steve and Andi quickly moved from a two-person operation to directing a staff of 30 in their Chicago office and 60 employees across 12 Fitigues retail stores. Their line expanded to include thermal cotton knits, stretch canvas, and terry, all reflecting their commitment to comfort and style. By the mid-1990s, Fitigues was a dominant name in casual wear, recognized for its quality and innovative designs.

Taking a New Path
In 2007, after selling Fitigues, the Rosensteins purchased a historic warehouse in Downtown Phoenix and transformed it into The Duce, a popular entertainment venue. But their passion for clothing never waned. While working on The Duce, they began selling repurposed and vintage clothing from the 1960s, incorporating hand-embroidered pieces and athletic college-style sweatshirts. This venture marked the beginning of R&R Surplus.

The Birth of R&R Surplus (2010)
By 2010, The Duce was thriving, and R&R Surplus had gained a following of its own. A year later, R&R released its first line of original pieces for both women and men. R&R Surplus became synonymous with comfortable luxury, offering versatile pieces that could transition from the gym to lunch with friends.

A Family Affair
R&R Surplus is truly a family business. Andi designs the women’s collection, while her son Luke, a former Fitigues model, designs the men’s line. Jake, another of Andi’s sons, works with The Duce. The Rosenstein family’s involvement ensures that every piece of R&R clothing is made with love, care, and a deep passion of comfort and style.

The Future
At R&R Surplus, we’re proud of our journey from Fitigues to where we are today. Our story is one of passion, family, and a commitment to creating comfortable, stylish, and high-quality clothing. Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to many more years of comfort and style.